Thursday, September 30, 2010

Real facts of Ayodhya Ram Janmabhoomi and Babri Masjid

Ayodhya is Ram Janmabhoomi for Hindus and Babri Masjid for Muslims. It is the disputed land for the Courts. Ayodhya is a challenge for the religious tolerance and secularism of India.

Hindus argue that in 16th century Moghul emperor Babur defeated Chittorghar king Rana Sangram singh in a battle near Sikri. He built Babri Masjid in place of a Rama Temple in Ayodhya.

* 1528: A Mosque was built in the now disputed land.
* 1853: First communal riots were witnessed in the disputed land.
* 1859: A fence was laid between the two places and the inner place was handed over to Muslims and the outer place was handed over to Hindus.
* 1949: Muslims alleged that the idol of Rama was kept inside the mosque by Hindus. As the court was approached by both the parties Government had declared the land as disputed and locked the premises.
* 1950 January 18: First title suit was filed. The court granted permission to worship idols in ‘Asthan Janmabhoomi’.
* 1959: Third suit was filed by Nirmohi Akhara seeking to take charge of the land.
* 1961 December, 18: Uttar Pradesh Sunny Wakf Board appeals to court to handover the Mosque and the land beside it.
* 1986: District court has ordered to open the gates of the mosque to have a darshan of the idols as a petition was filed by a person Harishankar Dubey. Babri Masjid Action Committee was founded.
* 1989: Viswa Hindu Parishad ex president Devaki Nandan filed a suit appealing the court to handover the land to them. Viswa Hindu Parishad laid foundations for building the temple.
* 1990: Viswa Hindu Parishad Kaarsevaks partially demolished the mosque.
* 1992 December 6: Mosque was completely demolished. More than 2,000 people died in the communal riots that followed all over India. Justice Liberhan Commission was set up the Government of India on December 16 to probe the issues.
* 2002: High court had ordered archeology department to survey whether a temple existed on the site.
* 2003 January: AIS starts excavations and confirmed that there existed a temple. Muslims disagree with it.
* 2005 July: Suspected Islamic Militants attack the disputed land. Five militants die in the firing of Security force.
* 2009 June: Liberhan commission gives its report after 48 extensions.
* 2010 July 26: High court completes its investigation. Judgement was reserved for September 24,2010.
* September 17: Ramachandra Tripati filed a petition to postpone the judgement and the court rejected it.
* September 23: Differences between Justice R.V.Ravindran and Justice H.L. Notice were issued to the parties.
* September 28: Supreme Court dismissed the petition filed by Tripati. Now the judgement will be pronounced on 30th September 30.
* September 30: Finally the Ayodhya Verdict Case has been solved. All the Judges has commonly said that the disputed land is Ram Janma Bhumi. All the News Channels are showing the same news. The High Court has revealed its decision in 10000 pages.

We are giving here the main points of the Ayodhya Verdict Case which are being given by the High Court:

* Disputed Area is Ram Janma Bhumi.
* Three Parts will be done of the whole land.
* Plea Of Sunni Waqf Board is rejected by a 2-1 majority.
* Tomb is given to the Hindus and the Ram Lala will be there at the same place as it is.
* Nirmohi Akhada will also be given one third of the land. Sunni waqf Board will be provided one third land (outer land).
* Nirmohi Akhada is provided the Sita Kitchen, and the Ram Gumbaj.
* Sunni Waqf Board is provided outer land for their Namaj Offering.