Thursday, June 10, 2010

Healing Waters - Nandana Village 150 Kms from Delhi

Healing Waters and the miraculous healing well in India.

Nadana is a small village near Taraori( Taraori or Tarori, is a city and a Tehsil 16 km north of Karnal in Karnal District ) in Haryana, India.It is around 150KMs from Delhi on NH1.

It is famous for its basmati rice. It once became famous for self-powered tube wells, i.e. water started flowing from tube wells without power. Local people perceived it as a sign of some supernatural power.

In Nadana village, water began gushing out of a deserted tubewell in September 1992. Some local villagers who bathed in the water reported that the "medicinal" and "magical" qualities of the well cured their skin diseases. Word quickly spread, and now a constant stream of people visits the village daily to gain the benefits of the water. A five-year-old polio victim was reportedly cured to a large extent after bathing there. Others report the curing of skin diseases. Most people who bathe in the water report physical improvements of some type. The owner of the well, Mr. Mamraj, one of the village leaders, was reportedly offered a large sum of money from people who wished to buy the well. He rejected the proposal, saying he wanted to use the well for the people, not for making money.